The drunken driver of a stolen car who ran a red light and crashed into Antoine (24), the son of Hôtel Hermitage celebrity chef Yannick Alléno, in Paris last May has been released on bail in Paris.

The culprit, who had just stolen a luxury vehicle by giving an attendant a false ticket, drove into a moped on which Antoine was sitting with his girlfriend. He was killed outright, while his pillion passenger was unhurt. The culprit fled on foot before being arrested by an off-duty policeman.

He was remanded in custody for four months, charged with ‘”manslaughter by conductor of a terrestrial motor vehicle, aggravated by a state of manifest intoxication”. His pre-trial detention was extended due to another offence committed before he killed Antoine, but according to Le Figaro the culprit is now back on the streets of Paris.

The association set up after Antoine’s death, the Antoine Alléno Association said it was shocked by the man’s release. The Association said it did not blame the judge who ordered his release, but the French legal system.


PHOTO: Antoine Alléno