Early booking is now open for the 9th Ladies Vintage Car Rally which will take place on September 11, 2022. “Steampunk Explorer” attire is the dress code this year (not compulsory) for a day of adventure and exploration in this annual Sunday classic car journey around the French Riviera.

As every year the details of the day are strictly secret and will be revealed during the breakfast on the day of departure.

As always, the meeting up point is at Place du Casino at 08:30. The breakfast, delicious lunch and afternoon tea & coffee accompanied by generous Tombola plus champagne cocktails and awards ceremony at the end of the day is guaranteed. As well as lots of fun, the event is a chance to drive exceptional cars, meet new friends and catch-up with old ones.

Popular by demand – the possibility to be driven by a chauffeur and enjoy champagne during the ride is also available with a limited number of places so book now. You can also drive your own vintage car – must be more than 20 years old.

All proceeds from the Rally are donated to Child CARE Monaco’s school projects. Child CARE Monaco celebrated its 10-year anniversary in March and has grown from providing quality education for girls in India to cooperating in charity projects in South Africa and South America as well.

The gift of education is an everlasting gift. In an Interview with NEWS.MC, the founder of Child CARE Monaco Martine Ackermann also said that changing the world starts within ourselves. “Be kind to yourself. Sleep well, eat well and spread kindness to others. It is really up to us to be happy. And happy people make the world a better place.”

To book a place in the Vintage Car Rally please send an email to childcare@monaco.mc.