Accademia Fine Art, a gem of an auction house in Monaco, holds its auctions every couple of months. The latest one is taking place on November 3 and the sales items come from the apartment of a Monegasque collector.

Paintings, furniture, Asian art, porcelain, jewelry and watches can be seen beforehand at Accademia Fine Art on 27 Boulevard des Moulins, the auction will take place at the same address, over the phone and online.

“I am very happy to present this collection because it can actually help people to figure out how can one do an interior. This is an old Italian family home with beautiful pieces that were passed on down generations – it is really nice to give people an idea, and everything is affordable in the range from 50 to 30,000 euros.” the Director and old masters expert  Joël Girardi told NEWS.MC.

Joël, a sixth generation French resident in Monaco, founded Accademia Fine Art in 1999 after working as a buyer of old masters paintings through a small network of auction houses in New York.

“The situation and set up is extremely different today. The internet helped enormously and of course more and more auction houses are coming to Monaco. I welcome that – the more we are on the market the more we can help each other. Because we create a platform, we create a place to be and I think Monaco is definitely an attractive one.” 

PHOTO: From left to right: Déborah Zammit, Art Specialist; Joël Girardi, Director; Fethia El May, Jewels Specialist; François Xavier Vanderborght, Art & Wine Expert. Martina Brodie