HSH Prince Albert has relaxed the rules on face masks. Wearing a mask outdoors will no longer be compulsory from June 19, except in certain well-frequented areas such as the alleys of the Rocher, in the vicinity of the Fontvieille shopping centre, Casino Square and the markets when operating. Bus stops and the railway station will also require the use of face masks.

The Sovereign said that he had taken the decision despite the increase in infection rates over the last ten days. However, he wanted to avoid pausing the gradual relaxation of restrictions.

The midnight curfew will stay in place for the time being. France, on the other hand, has announced the end of curfew.

Discussions between the Government and the National Council, and with representatives of the hospitality sector, will continue next week.

The Prince called on everyone who has not yet been vaccinated to come forward and book an appointment, to protect themselves and the wider community.