As part of the RAMOGE agreement between Monaco, France and Italy, the Maritime Prefecture of the Mediterranean last week held a RAMOGEPOL exercise to practice responses to pollution along the eastern coast of Cape Corsica, between Macinaggio and the north of Bastia.

The RAMOGEPOL 21 exercise was held in conjunction with the Prefecture of Haute-Corse, and in collaboration with representatives of the Guardia Costiera and the Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Maritime Police Division. and the Prince’s Government of Monaco.

Through the simulation of accidental pollution at sea, the aim was to strengthen cooperation and optimise the use of response resources from the three countries. In this scenario, a damaged oil tanker ran aground at the Finocchiarola Islands nature reserve, in the early hours of May 26, causing oil pollution in an area with a fragile ecosystem in front of the port of Macinaggio.

In addition, a Spanish contingent from the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) were also invited and participated in the exercise in which drones were used for the first time.

The next RAMOGEPOL exercise will be held in 2022 and will be hosted by the Italian delegation.