Serge Telle, Minister of State, told a press briefing on Monday evening that it is up to everyone to play their part in combatting the threat of coronavirus.

“Faced with this epidemic, we are ready and mobilised. But the state cannot do everything. It’s also everyone’s business. Through our behaviour, we can encourage or slow the spread of the virus.”

The Minister of State said he had also proposed to the President of the National Council that they should meet in the next few days to discuss the situation.

Didier Gamerdinger, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, praised the Princess Grace Hospital and announced that the designated coronavirus team would be increased from two to five professionals.

He said that the front-line team had received 175 telephone enquiries on Monday alone.

Almost 300 employees had enquired about opting for the 14-day work from home programme proposed by the Government.

Meanwhile, there was a 20-percent absenteeism rate among the 5,600 students in Monaco’s schools – 192 relating to a recent stay in a risk zone – and five percent among the Principality teaching staff.

PHOTO: Minister of State Serge Telle