A 32 year-old Italian woman has been fined 3,000 euros by Monaco’s Criminal Court for stealing the designer handbag of her love rival.

The court was told that the lady in question arrived for a rendezvous with her boyfriend at Sass Cafe last August to find that he was already seated with another woman. When the couple left, momentarily, she took her rival’s handbag in a fit of jealousy, local French daily Monaco Matin reports.

Once the theft had been noticed and the security cameras consulted, the culprit was identified and tracked to Twiga, where she was arrested. Some of the items in the Chanel bag were found under the piano at Sass Cafe, while the victim’s bank card and mobile were discovered in the perpetrator’s parked car.

The defendant admitted to the court that she had stolen the bag to “annoy the woman who seemed to appreciate her boyfriend.” The prosecution asked for a fine of 2,500 euros, but the court raised the sum to 3,000.