In just over two months, the Principality will once again become the world’s circus capital with the 44th International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo, as well as the ninth New Generation Festival (February 1 and 2, 2020), which is the only competition in the world totally dedicated to young artistes taking place in a proper ring.

Under the presidency of HSH Princess Stéphanie, these two events will reward the best artistes of our time with Gold Clowns and Juniors in front of an audience who admire their skills in the Fontvieille big top.

The 44th edition will pay tribute to the horse. Arabian horses, Friesians, Spanish and Portuguese stallions will all be presented by a team of horsemen from the Swiss national circus Knie. The greatest circus family names will be in the ring: Ivan Knie and Maicol, as well as Wioris Errani Caroussel. The courier act and liberty horses will be the highlight of this show.

Acrobatics, another cornerstone of the traditional circus, will also shine in the Fontvieille big top with an incredible flying plates act from China. Sixteen young ladies, holding six poles in each hand on top of which are spinning plates, will perform breathtaking hand-to-hand and balancing tricks. Such dexterity has never been seen before, the organisers say. Finally, Elastic, a Belgian clown from the world of theatre, will enthral the audiences with many hilarious surprises.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Monaco Government Press Office PHOTO: From the 2011 edition