Cyril Gomez, Director General of the Department of Infrastructure, Environment and Urban Planning, opened the 68th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Alpine Convention in Monaco on Thursday, November 14.

“For 20 years, Monaco has been participating alongside the Alpine Convention’s member countries in their work to reconcile in a sustainable way economic development and the preservation of the natural assets of this vast and sensitive area, which are the Alps,” he said. “As we know, the fragility of alpine areas is an additional factor in the risk of natural disasters with direct impacts for local populations and economies.”

Secretary General Alenka Smerkolj and delegates of the eight member countries of the Convention and the European Union will evaluate the work done by the various working groups on the themes: transport, natural hazards, alpine climate, soil protection, biodiversity, agriculture and forestry. Under the French Presidency of the Alpine Conference, special attention is being paid to the theme of air quality.

This meeting, organised by the Department of External Relations and Cooperation, is an eco-responsible institutional event. The meeting will minimise its environmental impact by adhering to Monaco’s Charter of Eco-Responsible Events and will carry out carbon offset of its travels.

ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTO: Monaco Government Press Office