HSH Prince Albert has offered words of comfort to British royal Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and commiserated with him over his problems with the press when the two princes met in Japan earlier this month.

Speaking later to People magazine about the legal action launched by Prince Harry against the tabloid Mail on Sunday for invasion of privacy, Prince Albert said: “I completely understand his reasons.”

Prince Albert told People he briefly met Harry in private and expressed “my support and my sympathy”. Monaco’s prince went on to tell People: “you have to protect your personal life, your family and their intimacy as much as possible, whenever possible. Especially when you’re a public figure with appearances to attend… Of course, that’s harder to do than to say. And it’s especially difficult with the British press, which is so inquisitive, so harsh.”

Prince Harry has accused some elements of the media of “waging campaigns against individuals with no thought to the consequences” and compared the treatment of Meghan to coverage of his mother, Princess Diana.

PHOTO: The Duchess of Sussex looks on while Prince Harry makes a speech