On Saturday, June 22 at 15:00 a unique service will take place in the Anglican Church of St Paul’s Monte Carlo. The old Nice-Monaco Standard of the Royal British Legion will be Laid Up, the new one dedicated and consecrated and the Standard Bearer charged with its safekeeping.

This service will not have occurred since 1929 when the Branch was formed, at which time it took responsibility for the Exhortation and annual Act of Remembrance.

Keeping the memory alive of the service and sacrifice of so many is of paramount significance to anyone connected with the Royal British Legion, said Rev. Hugh Bearn of Saint Paul’s. He added: “My passion and commitment to this has much to do with the fact that own family have served continuously since 1878 and continue to do so today; eight of them made the ultimate sacrifice in the two World Wars that blighted humanity.”

In recent months membership of the Branch in Monaco has swelled significantly and amongst younger people, not necessarily having served but who possess a sharp understanding of the duty of obligation that surrounds the Act of Remembrance, Rev. Bearn added.

PHOTO: Members of the Nice – Monaco RBL Branch with Nick Edmiston at Antibes on VE Day