CCTV Footage from the ‘Monaco Watch Company’ store has been released, showing a shocking scene in which an armed robber disguised as an older man with a mask and walking stick carried out the robbery of many luxury watches in the Boulevard des Moulins store.

The very nearly seven minute long video can be watched in its entirety below:

In the video, the disguised robber pulled a handgun out of his blazer’s breast pocket, before taking a carrier bag out of his satchel and demanding that the young lady behind the counter start filling it with the luxury watches of the store.

The robber went along with his whole charade, even sitting down to appear to be a customer as window shoppers admired the soon to be stolen watches in the window of the Monaco Watch Company. Seemingly growing impatient, the robber started throwing items from the shop window into his bag, before spraying down the area with a presumably anti-bacterial solution.

The robbery took place at around 11:30 on the morning of Wednesday, May 29. The faux-grandpa robber did not act alone, having made his escape in the direction of Beausoleil, France, with one other culprit at the handlebars of a TMAX type scooter. Both individuals remain at large at the time of writing.

Jack Brodie

More to follow.