Two individuals remain on the run after the armed robbery of the ‘Monaco Watch Company’ store on Boulevard des Moulins at around 11:30 on the morning of Wednesday, May 29.

A robber displayed handguns after arriving in the store disguised as an older man, before leaving with over three million euros worth of luxury watches.

According to local law enforcement, the culprits did not discharge their weapons while committing the robbery. Watch CCTV Footage of the entire ordeal here.

Upon leaving the store, the two individuals remain at large having fled in the direction of Beausoleil, just across the Franco-Monegasque border, at the handlebars of a TMAX type scooter. Both individuals remain actively sought after on Wednesday evening.

The Monaco Watch Company employee was not injured during the robbery, but was nevertheless admitted to Princess Grace Hospital in a state of shock.

More to follow.

Featured image by Jack Brodie for NEWS.MC, ‘Police Scientifique’ work on the scene of the crime, which remains taped-off at the time of reporting