Thomas Brezzo was elected to be the new president of the Monegasque National Council, taking 22 out of a possible 23 votes, while Brigitte Boccone-Pagès withdrew her candidacy.

The election was broadcast live during the annual renewal of the office of the National Council on the evening of Wednesday, April 3. 44 year-old lawyer Brezzo promises to be “the president of all the elected representatives of this assembly.”

The day before the deciding vote was cast, Boccone-Pagès published an open letter on social media, addressing Brezzo with fierce words. “Revolutions are always made in the name of admirable principles, formulated by so-called great men, dissatisfied with their fate and who have not been covered with honours as they wished,” reads the letter.

“You rallied the wolves by uttering wild cries, but the wolves did not respond, since there can only be one and it is you. So it was only lambs and vipers who followed you, and if as the rumour claims, you seek honours and gold, well I offer you the honour of taking my seat, and I leave it to you to look for the gold, where it shines,” wrote the outgoing president.

Featured image: Thomas Brezzo