A criminal trial is currently underway at the Palace of Justice, involving drug trafficking and prostitution, of which the popular Sass Café is at the centre.

Eight defendants appeared before the Monaco magistrates on Wednesday morning, kicking off the trial that is expected to last until Friday, April 5. The case itself brings together the criminal combination of drug trafficking and pimping, between the Principality and the adjoined French commune of Beausoleil.

Following anonymous denunciations, a Franco-Monegasque investigation team was established in April, 2020. Multiple investigations by the team revealed a luxury prostitution network, mainly Brazilian, based in Beausoleil and thriving in Monaco.

The defendants are accused of taking advantage of the presence of sex workers in search of clients, also known as pimping, for personal gain or to increase the turnover of the glitzy establishment. Prostitution remains legal in the Principality, but soliciting and pimping remains prohibited.

One defendant is accused of selling various drugs to the prostitutes. However, all defendants are presumed innocent until proven otherwise.

Featured image: Sass Café