Journalists with Monaco Matin have continued to dig deep in their investigation into the Dossiers du Rocher scandal.

In their latest revelations they report that the now disgraced Claude Palmero, the long-serving Palace accountant, hired the services of the owner of Monaco drone company MC Clic, Erwan Grimaud, to help investigate the website that had brought to light the activities of four top Monaco officials, including Claude Palmero, that might be labelled “questionable.”

Last month 34 year-old Mr Grimaud was arrested, questioned, and released the same day without charge. Until August 2023 he worked part-time as a security advisor to the Palace.

The Palace also bought three military-grade drones, for an unspecified purpose, and apparently without the knowledge of HSH Prince Albert. The bill for the drones came to 180,000 euros and the account was settled by Claude Palmero, Monaco Matin reported. 

The new team tasked with the administration of the Palace’s estate has claimed that several payments made by Mr Palmero before his ignominious dismissal last summer have come to light that were justified in vague terms, and, additionally, a number of payments to staff were made in cash. 

Once again, Mr Palmero has claimed that he did not act illegally.