An investigation by journalists at Monaco Matin has unearthed the fact that Didier Linotte, President of the Supreme Court in Monaco from 2012 until 2023, held bank accounts in Switzerland.

Mr Linotte is one of four leading figures known as the G4 who held high positions in the Principality until their demission or resignation in the summer of 2023.

The long-serving jurist was President of the Supreme Court when the Caroli construction group was awarded a huge sum in damages at the time the State effectively cancelled the huge Esplanade des Pecheurs construction project, ostensibly at the behest of the Automobile Club, whose President, Michel Boeri, also serves as the President of the Crown Council.

The amount awarded to the Caroli Group was 136 million euros, and there was widespread surprise in Monaco at its size. Mr Linotte is on record as saying that the decision to make such a large award was ‘collegiate.’

The Monaco Matin journalists revealed that the total sum of 250,000 euros arrived on a Swiss account held by Mr Linotte within a 13 month period in 2013 to 2015. The sums came from a Swiss company called Devacco.

An individual identified as Noel T had plans to open a urological clinic in Monaco and the Monaco Matin reporters claim that other members of the G4 made intercessions on his behalf in order to enable the establishment of the company, which aiming to focus primarily on treating erectile dysfunction.

Apparently Noel T believed there was a lucrative market in Monaco and no shortage of potential clients, given its demographics.

Claude Palmero, the now-disgraced former administrator of the Prince’s real estate, said such a clinic could be beneficial for the local economy, but due to several difficulties The Monaco Clinic project was abandoned and later opened in Switzerland.

Mr Linotte has denied any wrongdoing.

Featured image courtesy of the Caroli Group: the Esplanade des Pecheurs project