To the outside world National Council President Brigitte Boccone-Pagès seemed set to continue in post for a second year. She recently announced her decision to seek re-election in the columns of Monaco Matin.

However, it is almost certain that the first woman President of Monaco’s elected body will find herself out of office when an election takes place on Wednesday, April 3.

Thomas Brezzo, a lawyer, says he has been promised 22 votes out of 23, making the result a foregone conclusion.

Mr Brezzo has indicated that there was not a single issue that resulted in the decision not to support the incumbent’s re-election, but rather a number of smaller disagreements. On the other hand, he said that more legal expertise was needed in order to enable the timely passing of legislation, as non-lawyers might find legalise more difficult to comprehend.

Mr Brezzo is a lawyer by profession.

Brigitte Boccone-Pagès is particularly popular with the Monaco press, and during her term of office has proven very helpful, understanding and cooperative, frequently commenting on the need for good communications between elected officials and the community.