A process known as cavitation uses FOWE’s Cavitech devices to allow emulsification of fuel oil, also known as furnace oil, with fresh water on land or onboard a vessel, India-based news portal zeebiz.com reports.

The result is a considerable reduction in particulate matter.

Monaco-based FOWE Eco Solution Ltd’s fuel-saving devices, which are being tested by several Indian firms, has found a new user in Scorpio Tankers Inc, which has signed a pact to use them across its entire fleet, according to zeebiz.com. Scorpio Tankers is also based in Monaco.

This technology uses ordinary water and no chemicals, resulting in 8 to 10 percent better heat recovery that leads to much lower consumption of the fuel.

ORIGINAL REPORT: https://www.zeebiz.com/companies/news-scorpio-tankers-signs-pact-to-use-fowe-fuel-saving-devices-277876. IMAGE: Reuters