The National Council has voted in favour of a law establishing maternity leave for self-employed workers affiliated to the Monaco health contribution system for self-employed workers, known in short as CAMTI.

The elected officials present on the evening of Thursday, February 22, voted unanimously, without amendment and only three months after the bill’s submission by the Government.

The law will confer on independent workers a right which has already been enjoyed for a long time by employees in the public sector and civil servants.

Mr Christophe Robino, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, welcomed the reform by emphasising that it “will make it possible to strengthen, even further, the social protection system of the Principality. ” And to add that “this device will constitute, in at the same time, an additional tool for socio-economic attractiveness in a key sector for the economy and competitiveness of the country.”

This text constitutes the last milestone, to date, of the modern and ambitious policy led by the Government in the social and employment field, following other recent measures, such as the establishment of a CAMTI family allowance system, the donation of leave between colleagues or further extension of maternity and then paternity leave for the benefit of public and private workers.

In a statement, the Prince’s Government said it welcomed the vote.