Since November 8, Radio Monaco has been available to subscribers of the North American satellite radio operator SiriusXM.

Gildo Pastor – President of Radio Monaco, said: “The story is as beautiful as it is simple: Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer of SiriusXM, suggested that we integrate their offering. I instantly accepted because, not only is it an honour to be part of their catalogue, but it is also an opportunity for me to promote Monaco to new North American listeners.”

If the name of the station, its soul and its DNA are identical to the product launched by Monegasque businessman Pastor in 2006, this new offer is exclusive to SiriusXM listeners.

The Monegasque morning show by Benjamin Ducongé and Nathalie Michet, broadcast from 07:00 until 09:00 from Monday to Friday in Monaco, is offered to SiriusXM listeners in an adapted and enriched version, Radio Monaco says. Then, from 09:00 until 14:00 Cassandra shares music, good humour and nods to the Principality, all in English. At 15:00 and until 20:00, Charly Sputnik, host, DJ and musician, takes control of the station from Los Angeles.

With Radio Monaco – the sound of Monte Carlo – the listener still feels a little bit in Monaco, even thousands of kilometres away.