On Wednesday, November 14, World Diabetes Day, the Monegasque Red Cross held a free screening operation on the Fontvieille esplanade, in collaboration with the Prince’s Government and the Princess Grace Hospital Centre.

The aim was to raise awareness of this disease, the different types of diabetes as well as prevention. Many visitors came to take advantage of this quick, free and painless screening.

Dominique Martet, Head of the Health-Prevention Section of Red Cross Monaco, said: “The Monegasque population was able to respond, proof of the importance of this awareness campaign about diabetes in which the Principality has joined forces with 150 other countries in the world.”

Minister of Social Affairs and Health Christophe Robino also took part. He said: “Diabetes should not be underestimated, the best treatment for this pathology remains prevention. This day of collaboration with the Monegasque Red Cross demonstrates collective awareness and the Principality thus continues its commitment to improving the quality of life and caring for the population and employees, through local action.

For the record, among the different types of diabetes, type II, which affects 90 percent of diabetics, is particularly targeted by screening operations. It especially hits those over 40 and is connected to poor lifestyle – stress, too rich a diet, sugary drinks, and lack of physical activity.

There are 500 million people affected of this disease in the world and the numbers are increasing because of our lifestyles, overweight and the ageing of the population. His practical advice: “To prevent diabetes, it is must have three meals per day balanced with vegetables, proteins, and starchy foods while having a daily physical activity. On the other hand, sodas and prepared meals, too rich in sugar, salt and fat, are to be avoided.”

CHPG has a diabetes department and offers patient monitoring diabetics and consultations with a diabetic education nurse are also available. More information on + 377 97 98 77 54.

PHOTO: Minister of Social Affairs and Health Christophe Robino

ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTO: Monaco Government Press Service