Residents of the Principality will be familiar with its daily congested traffic, which brings with it poor air quality as commuters add to the number of motors already on the roads of Monaco.

It is with this problem in mind that Monaco’s Minister of State Pierre Dartout has confirmed the Prince’s Government’s ambition to create a park-and-ride facility at the Brasca site, which is a sprawl of concrete space found close to the exit of the A8 bound for Monaco.

“I can confirm to you, the Government’s first and foremost objective is to create a major park-and-ride facility with at least 3,000 spaces on the Brasca site,” announced Mr Dartout during a heated debate at the National Council on the evening of Thursday, October 12.

The site, a 20 hectare plot of land, was acquired from the Municipality of Èze by the Monegasque state in 2017 for 20 million euros and has since been utilised as a storage space while 15,000 vehicles pass by daily on the adjacent Moyenne Corniche. While the park-and-ride project and the desire to reduce congestion are not new, the announcement during a debate at the National Council on Thursday night was the first occasion on which the number of parking spaces was revealed.

Naturally, the project requires close cooperation between French and Monegasque authorities and an environmental study dubbed ‘Four Seasons’, which was launched in September for a total of 13 months with the objective of identifying possible French regulatory constraints linked to the presence of protected species on the area of ​​the future car park, and studies linked to an underground connection, the Minister of State added.

Featured image courtesy of Eric on Flickr: the Brasca site being used for Formula 1 storage