Puerto Rican music superstar Bad Bunny has hit the ball out of the park with ‘Monaco’, a favourite track from his latest album titled ‘Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va A Pasar Mañana’. The song fittingly celebrates a life of luxury, drinking champagne and smoking cigars, and the music video shot in and around the Principality is an accurately glamorous depiction of the lifestyle that Bad Bunny so clearly enjoys.

Directed by Stillz, the video has a vintage, mafioso style, and begins in New York, where Bad Bunny encounters Al Pacino in a dimly lit restaurant. Viewers are then teleported to Monaco during the 2023 Grand Prix, wherein the Latin American music sensation enjoys a fast paced weekend, starting with a trip to the Monte-Carlo Casino.

The tastefully edited video goes on to show shots of Formula 1 action, while Bad Bunny takes it easy aboard a super-yacht and behind the wheel of an exclusive Pagani, before chatting with Red Bull Racing’s Sergio Perez and trying on his helmet.

Since its premier on Friday, October 13, the ‘Monaco’ music video has surpassed 5.5 million views and this number is sure to keep on skyrocketing if the track’s performance on streaming platform Spotify is anything to go by. ‘Monaco’ debuted at the top spot on the global Spotify chart with 12.445 million streams in a single record-breaking day.