In partnership with the Centre Scientifique de Monaco (CSM, a GVN Affiliate), the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, and the Government of Monaco, the Global Virus Network will host the GVN 2023 international meeting of top virologists from October 19 to October 21 in Monaco.

This coalition of the world’s leading medical virology researchers, who work together to prevent illness and death from viral disease, will hold high-level scientific sessions examining pandemic preparedness and current threats. A special GVN-CSM joint session will focus specifically on preparedness in European Union countries and is held under the High Patronage of HSH Prince Albert.

“Global collaboration, partnership, and leadership are critical in mitigating pandemic threats and in preventing future outbreaks,” said Robert Gallo, MD, Co-Founder and Emeritus Director of the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, a GVN Centre of Excellence, and Co-Founder and Chair of the Scientific Leadership Board of the GVN, ahead of the event.
“I am pleased to join my friends and colleagues in Monaco as these personal, face-to-face interactions among our colleagues are integral to sharing information and inspiring international collaborations that otherwise might not exist,” he added.

Dr Gallo is most renowned for his pioneering discovery of human retroviruses, his co-discovery of HIV as the cause of AIDS, and development of the HIV blood test.

GVN experts will exchange ideas on themes including: Harnessing A.I. to Transform Pandemic Preparedness; Advancing Pandemic Preparedness across EU Small Countries Initiative; Exploring the Host-Virus Relationship in Acute and Post-Acute SARS-CoV-2 Infection; Cancer-Causing Viruses and New Understandings; Anticipating and Responding to Emerging Viruses; GVN’s Initiative in Tackling the Challenges of Arboviruses and Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses; and, Advancing Antiviral Diagnostics & Treatment Through Innovation.

“We are pleased to build on our successful scientific meeting last year held in Monaco and broadly broadcast virtually to move forward in the continued spirit of preparedness,” said Christian Bréchot, MD, PhD, GVN President and a professor at the University of South Florida in Tampa. “The GVN is critically positioned to establish and lead global efforts in facilitating collaborations with universities, industry, governments and communities to merge efforts and find solutions together.”

The GVN will also be introducing Sten Vermund, MD, PhD, Anna M.R. Lander Professor of Public Health, Yale School of Public Health as its next GVN President, effective from November 1, 2023.

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