Residents have complained about not being able to obtain consultations with medical specialists in good time, Minister of Health and Social Affairs Christophe Robino has said.

The Minister said that although the Principality is endowed with a significant number of doctors, the number of non-resident employees and other residents of France and Italy using medical care in Monaco has made obtaining an appointment more difficult.

There is also a shortage of specialists in gynecology, pediatrics, rheumatology, and psychiatry. Due to retirement, there have been no specialists in lung diseases and a pulmonologist who set up in Monaco is unable to take on all the patients seeking help. A paediatrician is awaiting approval from the health authorities.

Two structural solutions are under study in combination with the Department of Finance and the Economy, Mr Robino told local daily Monaco Matin. One is to subsidise individual practitioners and the other is to group them together to save on overheads. The Minister said that he considers this to be the only possible solution in Monaco.

FILE PHOTO: Christophe Robino