Ukraine’s wealthiest man and its most conspicuous oligarch is being investigated for fraud and money-laundering offences by the authorities in Kyiv and now languishes in jail.

Among other offences, Ihor Kolomoisky is suspected of pillaging the country’s leading PrivayBank, which he at one time controlled. He has been under US sanctions since 2021 for his involvement in significant corruption and money laundering in the US.

At one time he operated one of Ukraine’s major TV stations. on which President Zelenskiy rose to prominence as a comedian and played the role of President before moving on to stand for the post in real life.

He has since denied that Kolomoisky – who supported his candidacy – has had any influence over his Government.

Kolomoisky has been deemed to be the beneficial owner through his sister of real estate assets in France via at least one Monaco company.

As the Principality continues its quest to fully conform with OECD norms and European Union requirements on financial transparency, all beneficial ownership of Monaco companies, whatever form they take, now requires the identification of beneficial owners.


PHOTO: Ukrainian business tycoon and one of Ukraine’s most prominent billionaires Ihor Kolomoisky arrives at court Reuters