As the start of the school year approaches, the Minister of Social Affairs and Health Christophe Robino reminds residents that the coronavirus virus is still circulating. However, to date, the situation does not require restrictive measures in view of the minor symptoms caused by the latest strain of the virus in circulation and the absence of any impact on the Princess Grace Hospital Centre, the Government said on Friday, September 1.

“However, we must exercise the greatest vigilance by continuing common sense actions. such as wearing a mask in the presence of symptoms and up-to-date vaccination reminders in particular for people at risk of serious forms (of illness) and people aged over 60,” he said.

An increase in cases of coronavirus has been recorded in the Principality and in France due to the emergence of a new EG.5 variant called Eris, which is a sublineage of the Omicron variant, the Government said.

Christophe Robino added that if no suspension from school or work is imposed in the event of a positive test, it is recommended, in case of persistent symptoms, to consult your doctor who has full latitude to prescribe work stoppages if individual situations so require.

Although currently available vaccines are effective against the virus, a new vaccine, adapted to the strain in circulation, is being validated by the international health authorities with the aim of administration before the winter period. Vaccination appointments can be obtained very quickly by contacting the Monegasque screening center at (+377) 97988302.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Monaco Government Press Service

IMAGE: Courtesy