The vibrant contemporary art scene in Monaco is experiencing a renaissance, as new spaces emerge, acting as gateways to a global audience for emerging artists. This summer, art enthusiasts are drawn to one such ephemeral enclave, Collect MC, nestled at 20 blvd de Suisse. Expertly curated by the dynamic duo of Stefania Angelini and Tifany Agoune, this gallery offers a unique artistic voyage.

This season, the spotlight is on Substance, a curated exhibition unveiling the creative vistas of 11 contemporary artists including Bryce Delplanque, Anders Dickson, Florian Ferrua, Stefanie Heinze, Eve Pietruschi, Antoine Renard, Lise Stoufflet, and the collaborative duo Xolo Cuintle (Valentin Vie Binet and Romy Texier).

Within this group exposition, the ethereal meets the fantastical, beckoning the surreal and magical. By embracing the uncanny, attendees are encouraged to traverse the landscapes of imagination, plunging into the depths of personal essence. Each artwork serves as an oracle, hinting at the multiplicity of realities and the transformative potentials nestled within the cocoon of change.

The underpinning inspiration for Substance draws from the storied enigma of Circe, renowned for her botanical acumen and mystical affiliations, as narrated in Homer’s epic opus, The Odyssey. Circe’s profound mastery over healing herbs and enchanting potions forms the backbone of the exhibition, symbolising the alchemy of metamorphosis and rejuvenation. This concept, historically linked to transformations of form, as opposed to essence, is vividly portrayed through visual narratives, often encapsulated by masks in animistic traditions—a tangible conduit between external visage and internal core.

Further fortifying this thematic cadence is Ovid’s Metamorphoses, a poetic anthem to change that transmutes across dimensions—human, animal, vegetal, mineral, and astral. This symphony harmoniously blurs the ethereal boundaries, celebrating unity and interconnectedness. Metamorphosis, a catalyst in moments of crisis, navigates subjects through transitions while retaining immutable attributes. The aftermath encapsulates the old’s integration into the new, signifying the poignant juncture where the antiquated ebbs, and novelty flourishes.

Collect MC, the brainchild of visionaries Stefania Angelini and Tifany Agoune, reverberates with intention. “Our purpose lies in unveiling artworks that bear significance and foresight, resonating with the inquiries of our communal trajectory, intertwined with the mysteries of our contemporary milieu,” echoes Angelini.

A dedicated corner, The Office unveils a curated selection of creations from contemporary masters housed within a private collection—a juxtaposition that engenders nuanced dialogue. Currently, the spotlight shines on the likes of David Hockney and Jean Nipon, offering a dual lens into their artistic narratives.

For art enthusiasts, the calendar beckons; this exhibition remains on display at 20 blvd de Suisse until the denouement of August – a fleeting yet enchanting passage.