In an interview with respected French daily Le Figaro on Wednesday, July 12, the Sovereign spoke of a loss of trust in his advisers and the need to move on with a new team.

“When trust is no longer there and when there are no clear answers to the questions asked, decisions have to be made. You have to move on. What has been called the Dossiers du Rocher broke the camel’s back… If trust evaporates, we can no longer work together… So I made the decision to set up a new team that will report to me. The most important thing, for me, is above all competence. I will, of course, favour Monegasques, but I will not refrain from calling on outside talents,” Prince Albert told the newspaper.

The Sovereign would not comment on the so-called Dossiers du Rocher affair, which he called confused and complicated. He also referred to the fact that four legal cases were initiated, two in Monaco and two in France.

Following the departure of his Administrator of Property, Claude Palmero, the Prince ordered that a full audit be carried out. A neutral firm with no ties in the Principality was engaged “to shed full light on this story,” Prince Albert said.

Salim Zeghdar was recently appointed Acting Administrator of Property, a role in which he is expected to continue. Meanwhile, the post of chief of staff, has been vacant following the departure of Laurent Anselmi at the end of June.

FILE PHOTO: HSH Prince Albert in May this year