The Government has warned residents that a new wave of emails has been sent out in the name of the Department of Public Security (Sûreté Publique) that attempt to trick the recipient into opening an attachment.

“This is a malicious phishing campaign aimed at defrauding potential victims who respond to the message,” the Government warns.

The subject of the emails, sent from several different addresses, is to summon recipients in connection with allegations of sexual crimes.

“These fraudulent emails, clumsily written, inform their recipients that they are allegedly implicated in the context of a procedure and request on their part the opening of a document in PDF format, contained as an attachment, as well as the sending of a response by e-mail,” the Government warns.

The Government suggests that recipients of this email should not open the attachment nor reply to the email. Instead, the email should be forwarded to

The Department of Public Security never sends such summons by email. The only email addresses used by Government Services are of the type