Monaco’s very own Formula 1 driver turns out to be quite the pianist, as Charles Leclerc has released his second single to the world through Spotify, two weeks on from successfully dropping his debut single, ‘AUS23 (1:1)’.

Leclerc’s second song ‘MIA23 (1:2)’ owes its name to the 2023 Miami Grand Prix, one day after which the single was released. While the driver himself said that his music is created as “a way to disconnect from racing and relax in between races,” Leclerc says the title is a nice connection to the racing world, as this is the name his team, Scuderia Ferrari, have given the event.

The song can be played as a preview below or listened to in full on Spotify.

After listening to either of the Monegasque’s tracks, you would be forgiven for assuming that Leclerc has been playing and practicing the piano since his childhood. However, the reality is far different.

While some learned how to bake sourdough bread or simply binged their way through the seemingly long forgotten Covid restrictions and lockdowns three years ago, Leclerc took to the keys of his piano.

“My love for music has always been there, but it wasn’t until the pandemic that I started playing the piano,” Leclerc wrote on Spotify, adding: “With more time at home, I decided to buy a piano and learn to play. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with the instrument and find myself playing it whenever I’m at home.”

Leclerc first teased fans with his new-found musical talent through various Instagram stories, and received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Now, his supporters are hearing the full and finished pieces, which have already been played millions of times. ‘AUS23 (1:1)’ had over 3.29 million plays in the space of two weeks, while the much more recently released ‘MIA23 (1:2)’ surpassed 500,000 plays in just a handful of days. Perhaps we can expect to hear a single named after his home race very soon.

Featured image from Charles Leclerc’s story on Instagram