The very first edition of the Five Padel Cup was a smashing success, as Padel players of all ages competed on the courts of the Eze Tennis and Padel Club over two full days.

Representing the Principality as part of the Barbagiuans of Monaco were Gaël Givet with Sébastien Squillaci in one team and Manuel Vallaurio and Jordan Klein in the other. The president of the Barbagiuans, Louis Ducruet, was present to support the former footballers in the two red and white teams.

As planned, funds were raised and donated to the Fight AIDS Monaco association led by Princess Stephanie. The coordinator of the association, Hervé Aeschbach, thanked the organisers of the Five Padel Cup, BSG SRL, saying “We are very grateful to the organisers for the warm welcome given to Fight AIDS Monaco, as well as their financial support. The fight led by Princess Stéphanie, under the aegis of the association, has found a new foothold in the sports world. We are pleased. Special thanks go to CEO Roberta Ceccarelli and the entire company BSG SRL, who initiated this magnificent event.”

Featured image credit: Frédéric Nebinger