A British national has appeared at Monaco Criminal Court charged with drunk driving and driving under the influence of narcotics.

It was at 3:45 in the morning on the last day of August that the 30 year-old motorist was seen driving erratically along blvd. Albert 1, moving from lane to lane, local French-language newspaper Monaco Matin reported.

Arrested and tested, the defendant had 1.12 mg/l of alcohol in his blood sample and a positive test for cannabis.
He told officers that he had stopped off at Rascasse on his way home.

“I am taking care of a person at the end of life… I made a detour via La Rascasse before returning to the neighbourhood where I live. That evening, I was in pain. I am taking care of a person at the end of their life. I needed to breathe. Cannabis consumption is occasional. Perhaps out of difficulty in making a decision…”

The culprit had a previous conviction in Cannes for a similar offence, the court was told.

His defence lawyer said that his client had behaved impeccably when arrested, describing him as gentle, frank, caring, generous, correct, and honest.

The court decided on a three-month jail term, suspended, an obligation to seek medical help and a six-month suspension of his driving licence.