Monaco’s own luxury brand, Monoïkos 1297, appeared as a pop-up at Sotheby’s Monaco last week, showcasing the range of special Monaco-specific products from designers Leticia de Massy and Charlotte de Pariente.

The ethos of La Maison Monoïkos is that Monaco deserves much better than fridge magnets and Grand Prix baseball hats.

Already a centre of luxury, Monaco had been lacking high-quality products that were specific to the Principality.

Monoïkos 1297 describes itself as being at the crossroads of luxury and history and emphasises eco-responsibility and local sourcing.

“Our products are a way of transmitting history,” Leticia de Massy says.

Now with a wide range of products on the market, Monoïkos is directly supported by the State, which has recognised its importance by taking a 20-percent stake.


PHOTO: Charlotte de Pariente, Louise Grether of Sotheby’s Monaco, Leticia de Massy, and Mark Armstrong of Sotheby’s Monaco