The Principality’s Palace of Justice heard the case of a reckless driver who was stopped and arrested in the streets of Monaco for hazardously driving his moped while heavily intoxicated.

The defendant, who has not been named, but is noted as being a maintenance worker from Menton, was controlled by police after a officers spotted the drunk motorist driving in a hazardous manner through Place d’Armes. The Monaco-Ville police post was informed of the motorist’s impending arrival and arrested him upon sighting at the Place de la Visitation.

Having breathalysed the driver, police discovered 2 grams of alcohol per litre of blood, which is four times the legal limit. When the defendant put forward his argument, it became easier to see how he reached such heights. “I spent the evening, confirms this maintenance worker, chain drinking glasses of champagne, limoncello, vodka. Which does not mean that I am used to drinking…” said the driver, only digging himself a deeper hole.

The magistrate was less than impressed with this point, and pointed out the obvious; “You had 2 grams of alcohol in your blood. How could you stand on your scooter if you don’t have a penchant for drinking? You were a real danger!”

As the defendant had never before been convicted in Monaco or France, the court decided to issue a 2,500 euro fine without a suspended prison sentence or any form of driving ban, as first substitute Valérie Sagné noted that a means of transport is necessary to ensure the driver keeps his job.