Monaco’s Department of Health and Social Affairs points out that seasonal flu has arrived with the autumn.

The barrier measures imposed drug the coronavirus pandemic also limited the circulation of the influenza virus.

As a result, immunity in the general population has waned which leads to an increased risk of severe cases.

For this reason the Department encourages as many people as possible to be vaccinated against the ‘flu, in particular those most at risk.

Vaccination against influenza is open to the entire population, particularly for the elderly, for pregnant women, health professionals and people with chronic diseases including for young children from six months to 17 years.

Getting vaccinated against the ‘flu can alleviate symptoms and considerably reduce the risk of complications, the Department says.

It is also a way for healthcare professionals to protect patients in their care. It is important to emphasise that the circulating strains of influenza virus are not the same from year to year: you have to get vaccinated every year to be protected against new virus strains.

These vaccines are available in pharmacies in the Principality with or without medical prescription and are fully covered by the social security fund into which the patient pays.

“The Prince’s Government wishes to obtain everyone’s support.”

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Monaco Government Press Service

A doctor vaccinates a patient as part of the start of the seasonal influenza vaccination campaign in Gouzeaucourt, France, October 13, 2020. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol/File Photo