Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, representing more than a third of all new cancer cases.

The diagnostic process can sometimes be long and complex. Good coordination is needed to enable early diagnosis and management, factors that increase the chance of healing.

With its BreastDay Center, Princess Grace Hospital (CHPG) offers a rapid diagnostic path, which makes it possible to organise in one place and on the same day all the examinations necessary for a diagnosis, and to have the results the same day.

Our goal for women: Create a day devoted to screening, diagnosis and pre-therapeutic management of breast cancer : • Organise all examinations as well as medical and paramedical appointments • Have the results of imaging and blood tests the same day and a Histology in the week • Propose a route with simplified access: one day/one route/diagnosis • Organise coordinated/simplified/rapid therapeutic management This course is aimed at two types of women: • Any patient wishing to consult for a medical opinion in the face of a suspicion of cancer of the breast (discovery of a mass, nipple discharge, etc.). • Any patient with a radiological abnormality on mammography or ultrasound having or not yet had a biopsy, wishing for a second opinion.

In the event of positive results, the choice of treatment will be personalised and adapted according to the situation.

Different types of treatments can be used to treat breast cancer: surgery, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapies, all offered at the CHPG.

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ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTO: Monaco Government Press Service