Carol Bruton and Bianca Caloi di Grassi presented their art at a soirée on Thursday in Eze. The exhibition and private viewings are available until November and both artists will be moving their pieces to Rothschild & Co in Monaco in December where the exquisite exhibition will continue.

Carol Bruton, the Toronto-born artist grew up in Spain and currently lives, works and swims in the South of France. Her fascination with water and the moon is striking in her series on display.

“My work is organic,” she said for NEWS.MC. “I use only two to three colours, cold glass and pigments and I work with seaweed brushes.” All her life Carol has been obsessed with the moon and in her Lunar Series she used actual lunar dust to paint. To make this happen she contacted former NASA astronaut Nicole Stott, who happens be her collector too. Each piece in the series comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity from one of the world’s leading providers of meteorite specimens.

This is the very first time for Carol, a well-known artist and veteran exhibitor, to be part of an exhibition with another artist.

Bianca Caloi Di Grassi was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil and has lived in Monaco since 2013. She has exhibited in Paris and Kyoto and this is her first exhibition close to her current home.

In her wooden wall-based relief sculpture series, Binary Emotions, Bianca Caloi Di Grassi experiments with volume, light and shadow to create layers of complexity in something that appears simple.

Her series of drawings ‘Structured Flow’ represent malleability within life’s rigid confines. In black ink on white paper, canvas or wood boards, her spare, elegant drawings celebrate the notion of meandering paths, of fluid time and of accepting there are no straight lines to where we want to go.

To know more about the artists’ work, follow them on Instagram: @carolbrutonart @biart.eth

PHOTO: Bianca Caloi di Grassi and Carol Bruton, right Martina Brodie