Of limited interest to residents, two interactive screens have been installed in tourist hotspots to help the traipsing hordes find their way around the Principality. One is at the railway station, and the other, unsurprisingly, at the Tourism Office.

The terminals offer a virtual replica, enriched with information, of the Principality in 3D, the Government says.

“They aim to immerse the tourist in a virtual representation of the city and to promote a better understanding of its topography. The intention is to help them choose their activities while enabling them to more easily identify and visualise the pedestrian route to go from point A to a point B,” explains Georges Gambarini, Manager of the Smart City program within the Department of Digital Services.

Equipped with touch screens, the large terminals offer: – Points of interest (POI) and other useful information, organised by theme: Monuments and Iconic Places, Venues and Congresses, Beaches, Photo Spots, Shops and markets, Museums and even Parks & Gardens – Route suggestions: “One day in Monaco”, “Formula 1 circuit”, “Nature in the city”, “Significant monuments and viewpoints.”

Chosen routes can be downloaded to mobile phones by scanning a QR code.