Artcurial’s annual summer sales at the Hotel Hermitage continue on Wednesday, July 20, with the sale of 460 lots of fine jewellery. Wednesday’s sale starts at 14:00. Monaco sculptures will go under the hammer at 18:00.

The week continues on Thursday with the auction of Hermes and luxury bags, with 86 lots for sale.

Nicolas Orlowski, CEO of the Artcurial group, said earlier in the week that the company has continued to expand, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

“This period is atypical, but we have never stopped our activities or canceled any of our sessions. We have even continued to hire staff. We are committed to the long term… Even if the period is complicated and it is not easy to do one’s job, the appetite of customers for everything that can be an investment and a pleasure is intact. Whether it is a house, a jewel, a sculpture, a collector’s car, if our customers have the impression that it is both an investment but also a good that they can enjoy, there is a very strong appetite.”

John Taylor real estate is part of the Artcurial group.

PHOTO: Lot 371, A clip de corsage, Van Cleef & Arels, estimated at 1,000 to 1,200 euros