The German Club International, to give it its full name, welcomed almost 100 members to the Monaco Yacht Club on Tuesday, July 18, for an outstanding evening in support of good causes.

The Club proved once again that a fund-raising event can also be tremendously enjoyable for everyone present. Throughout the evening the splendid meal was skilfully punctuated by a Cabaret and dancing.

The Club prides itself on the international make-up of its membership. Many of the members don’t speak German, but have been drawn to the club by its friendliness, commitment to good causes, and a great sense of fun.

In 2023 the Club will celebrate its 50th anniversary, and throughout the year there will be many events to mark the milestone, Co-Presidents Beatrix von Dellingshausen and Patrick Wetzel said.

Among the year’s highlights will be a members’ visit to Munich, echoing a trip made 50 years previously, a Gala in celebration of German culture in September, a Club visit to the cellars of the Hotel de Paris, a visit to the German Embassy in Paris and many other occasions.

Over the years, and under the honorary presidency of HSH Prince Albert, the Club has benefited The Music Academy Rainier III, the Foundation Prince Albert II, the Princess Grace Hospital, Mission Enfance, and many others.

During the next few months the Club will be welcoming new members to take it into its next half-century with the same zest and camaraderie that have marked its first five decades.

PHOTO: Lorenzo Ravano, Monaco’s Ambassador to Berlin, Beatrix Baronne von Dellingshausen, Co-President of the German Club International, and Patrick Wetzel, Co-President.