One of the most badly-hit events in Monaco due to coronavirus was undoubtedly Top Marques, the annual supercar show.

After two lost years, the show has come back stronger than ever, according to Salim Zeghdar, Top Marques president.

Not only are there 100 vehicles, but also a dozen new launches, a certain stamp of approval from top-end manufacturers and recognition of Top Marques as the global leader in supercar shows.

In addition to the sheer quantity of exhibits, the range of vehicles is astonishing, encompassing classic cars and sports cars from the 1950s on, flying vehicles including an airborne motorbike and a helicopter that needs no licence.

Zeghdar is adamant about one thing: Top Marques is above all a sales fair, and not an exhibition of past and present technology. Interestingly, several manufactures are already focussed on putting electric engines in cars that otherwise remain the same.

Among the top challenges of the future will be how to deal with rules and regulations that do not exist as yet, so that exotic airborne vehicles can operate in a safe and legal way.

FILE PHOTO: Exhibitors at Top Marques are local and from far afield