It’s hard to believe.

Returning from Porto beach, just across the border in Roquebrune Cap Martin, we all felt the need for a refreshing glass of water.

They have very comfortable sofas in the coffee shop off the lobby of the Monte-Carlo Bay, where on many occasions I’ve enjoyed productive business meetings, and this time with my dear wife, youngest son, and small Yorkshire terrier I was looking forward to half an hour out of the sun and a Perrier or two.

However, it was not to be.

“Monsieur, hit’s not possible,” exclaimed a concierge as we made away across the carpet towards our longed-for oasis.

“Excusez-moi,” I answered. “What eez not possible?”

“No dogs.”

They were quite emphatic. No dogs and no exceptions.

My wife waited outside while I visited the loo, where sympathetic doormen reached out for his own plastic bottle of water and provided his own hand as a bowl for dehydrated Milo.

Off we set in search of more sympathetic hospitality.

“Come on, let’s try the Hotel de Paris,” I ventured as the number 5 stopped at Casino Square. My wife rolled her lovely eyes, by now she had had enough.

Sitting outside the American Bar we ordered a Perrier and three glasses.

We were brought our drinks, and in a silver bowl, water for a very grateful Milo.

SBM runs both hotels, so why the dog rules in one hotel differ from the other I have no idea. My wife calls for a boycott.

We were still recovering when I noticed a group of four Americans watching us from a few metres away, trying not to stare. One of them, a very well-dressed young woman broke away and came to us.

“Ahm sorry to bother you,” she drawled. “But mah I ask you, where did you get that bag?”

She fingered the bag at my wife’s side.

My wife presented her with a small bag – a purse to Americans – she was carrying, hardly big enough for an iPhone 13.

“No, this one,” the pretty girl said.

Both her hands now rested on our Super Marche U woven shopping bag.

“Its so beautiful,” she drooled.

My wife took out a beach towel and handed the bag in question to the happy tourist.

“Really?” Asked the lady: “Monaco is just amazing and beautiful.”

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