Speculation has increased in recent weeks over the future of F1 in Monaco, and whether it has a future at all, as the telegenic sport attracts new American and worldwide fans.

The very specific Monaco circuit, with few opportunities to overtake, is faced with new entrants such as Miami.

In a frank interview published in Monaco Matin, Michel Boeri regrets the fact that the present-day owners of Formula 1, Liberty Media, are interested only in hard cash.

Although it may be partly in hindsight, Mr Boeri, who has headed the Automobile Club of Monaco for 50 years, suggests that dealing with former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone was easier.

“We are in a difficult negotiation because we went from a “European” style negotiation with Bernie Ecclestone, to a more “business” negotiation with the company with which we deal, which is purely American. Interests and behaviours are not the same, nor are sensitivities. What may offend one is indifferent to the other and vice versa. I reassured the stewards because I believe we will negotiate. The only problem is knowing at what price to negotiate (agree) to reach a happy conclusion.

“The Ecclestone style no longer exists. Today you need profitability, a profit to be made and possibly a beneficial resale. At the time, it was not that Mr Ecclestone was a philanthropist, but he dealt his cards less intransigently. Today everything is a counting machine. There will be no going back.”

Mr Boeri, who last October was re-elected for a further five-year term, said that agreement has been reached with Liberty Media on 90 percent of issues.

“A agreement has been reached on several points. To be completely honest, we agreed with Liberty on the essentials. There may still be 10 percent to negotiate. The next meeting will take place two weeks after the Grand Prix,” he said.

PHOTO: Michel Boeri Monaco Government