At around 17:30 on Tuesday, August 31, a tragic traffic accident on the RD 6202 departmental road around Puget-Théniers, above Nice, took the life of a Monaco firefighter.

France Info reported that four motorcyclists were hit by a car with the driver asleep at the wheel, and that a Monaco firefighter was killed, while a volunteer and one other firefighter of the Principality are in a critical condition.

The France Info TV channel also reported that the fourth motorcyclist and Monaco fireman survived the accident unharmed, as did the driver.

The Monegasque government published a heartfelt statement regarding the tragedy on Twitter on the same evening.

The tweet reads “The Government learned with great emotion of the traffic accident in which four firefighters of the Principality’s Fire Brigade were victims, mown down in the prime of their lives by a driver during a motorcycle ride in the Nice back country.”

A further tweet added that “In these painful times, we express our solidarity and compassion to the victims’ families and the Corps.”