Monegasque Sharon Rochetin has struck a chord with many fellow Monegasques and residents who share her concern about the loss of freedoms implicit in Monaco’s drive to make the Health Pass an everyday part of life in the Principality. By Saturday her group – Manifestation pacifique contre le pass sanitaire à Monaco – had attracted 2,900 members.

From August 23 it will not only be tourists and visitors who must produce proof of being double-vaccinated, but all Monegasques, residents and employees. Without the Health Pass they will be denied access to cafes, restaurants and other venues.

Sharon told Monaco Daily News on Saturday that the campaign she is leading is not about whether vaccines are good or bad. The group’s focus is on the loss of freedoms that the Health Pass entails. Her Facebook group has many members who have been inoculated, she said.

“Vaccinated or not, we are all involved in fighting for our freedom,” she said. “We want a country in which there is no division between people.”

Speaking before she left to join an anti-Pass demonstration in Nice, Sharon said that Monaco follows France in most matters: “If we can make a difference in France, maybe Monaco will follow.”

Sharon’s efforts have certainly been noticed by the Government. On Monday, August 2, Sharon and others from her group will meet Minister of State Pierre Dartout and other Government ministers.