As part of the replacement and renovation plan for 65 lifts and escalators scheduled over the next five years, the Urban Planning Department will proceed this year with the replacement of six escalators, the transformation of two escalators into an elevator with a glass pylon, and the replacement of nine public elevators.

Of the six dilapidated escalators serving the underground passage at the ave de la Madone crossroads, four of them will be replaced and the other two will be removed to make way for a glass elevator, to allow people with reduced mobility to access the various underground shops.

The removal and installation of the new equipment will be carried out at night, from 20:00, from July 12 to end on October 1, 2021. Other work is planned on the three elevators of the Parking de la Costa and at various other locations where lifts and escalators are in poor repair.

ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTO: Monaco Government Press Service