At the beginning of July, the completely renovated public beach will be open again to residents and tourists. All the businesses that residents have frequented in the past will offer their services in new premises, made available by the state: La Rose des Vents, Le Neptune, La Note Bleue, Le Miami; – The Mullot Glacier, – The Unicorn ; – The Palais du Maillot; – The Larvotto Gym Centre; – The Monegasque Academy of the Sea/Blue School.

Secondly, starting this winter, residents and visitors will be able to take advantage of a new shopping area, as seven additional businesses will complete the facilities after the summer.

The Government wants the Larvotto complex to be lively all year round. To this end, a call for applications for the seven new premises are being published in the Journal de Monaco on May 14 and 21, 2021.

Applications should be sent to the Estate Administration no later than June 14, 2021 at 12 noon. Four premises will be able to accommodate all types of activities, excluding food activities, with areas of around 103, 98, 62 and 61 m2. Three premises will accommodate food services such as restaurants, bars, brasserie, café or tea room, in duplexes on the upper and lower promenade of Larvotto, with an approximate total area of 249, 209 and 185 m2 , and open spaces of land on the upper promenade, for use as a terrace, in the event of restaurant/bar activity, respectively of approximately 125, 46 and 46 m2.

The call for applications is deliberately wide to allow a large number of candidates to apply and the Commission for the allocation of state premises to choose the most attractive brands and activities able to invigorate this new commercial area throughout the year.

The selected businesses, as well as those that will be back in July, will have to open all year round and help keep the neighbourhood lively.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Monaco Government Press Service

PHOTO: Larvotto Beach from the upper floor of the new promenade, where work is close to completion