There could be some bargains as the Government sells off seized vehicles, but there are certain procedures to follow, as might be expected. Perhaps the most arduous is to enclose your identity card with your bid and than wait three months to find out the result.

Minimum bids for two-wheeled vehicles is 15 euros, and more good news is that the auction is open to absolutely everyone, regardless of nationality or residency.

The Government says on its website that the deadline for submitting bids is Friday March 19, 2021 at 12 noon.

“In view of the current health situation, it is strongly recommended to download the list of vehicles. For the same reason, tenders must be submitted exclusively in the letterbox provided for this purpose, located in the entrance hall of the building at 24, rue du Gabian.”

Visit the dedicated page at:

There is no English translation.

I’ve already looked, and there are no Lamborghinis, not even a decent Renault Kangoo.

FILE PHOTO: On the way to the auction Monaco Channel